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The multi-purpose facility

The multi-purpose facility

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The multi-purpose and movable facility is made by sturby tubular and galvanized steel sheet which are welded. fastened or bolted between them.
The roof and the walls are made by insulated thermal walls of 25 mm of thickness.
The structure is mobile by some wheels and a towbar. During the stop it stays on telescopic legs wich are adjustable and lets you choose the height. Those are made by galvanized steel.

The basic modules on wich to build you own idea are:

  • 300 cm x 270 cm

  • 300 cm x 125 cm

    When we talk about the 300 cm we are meaning the width where you can find the front door.
    The are two measures indicate the depth of the premises, where you can choose multiples of 270 cm or 125 cm; but the width can be only 300 cm.

    the floor is about 54 cm from the ground.
    The indoor usable hight is about 240 cm in the center and 200 cm near windows and walls.

There’s not a single use, it’s so modularized that it can suitable for lots of purposes. It can be placed where there’s no chance to built traditional structures with foundation or classic building carpentry.

Let’s imagine having empty “ROOMS” where you can place whatever floor you like or that particular floor you need, as well as walls or countertops.
This is something you can “CREATE” by composing and customizing every furnishing in order to match your needs, expectations and aims, without forgetting that in every moment you can add one or more modules to increase the area.

The structure is provided by an electrical system up to standars and an hydraulic system.
There’s a bathroom with a shower, a chemical toilet, a sink and an hair dryer.
In the common area there’s a service forniture with doors and drawers where is recessed a stainless sink. Resting in the coutertop next to the sink are induction plate and stainless drainer. In this area you can find a little fridge, a folding table with 2 chairs and a rollaway confortable chair-bed.

The side windows light up every area, except for the service area where are placed:
– the electrical master panel
– the inverter for the control and use of solar energy. This one is produced by 4 panels of 400 W each. Storage batteries are in the outside of the structure in appropriate slots
– the water boiler of 45 lt that serves both the bathroom and the sink in the common area.

Indoor lighting is provided by adjustable LED spotlights, while outdoor there’s a wall lamp wich illuminates the veranda of about 4 mq.
In the veranda you can find a power outlet, a table with 2 chairs and the front door.


  1. dressing room and toilet

  2. egg packaging room

  3. food production room

  4. meat and fishing cutting room

  5. ice cream shop

  6. fried food shop

  7. medical use room

  8. vegetables processing room

  9. kitchen

  10. mini apartment

  11. reception hall

  12. small bungalow

  13. health isolation room

  14. food and beverage administration room

  15. small gift shop

  16. accomodation and restore for workers place

  17. shop

  18. tools and equipment storage

  19. research lab

  20. recreation area

  21. representation office

It’s up to your imagination, needs and creativity all the possible uses. This structure can be sell also without the electrical and hydraulic system

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